Web Design Made Easy Using Wordpress


Creating a good-looking website doesn't have to be hard. With the advent of WordPress and other blogging platforms, you can have a website on the Internet in just a few hours. We are going to discuss how you can do this without much technical knowledge at all.

Creating websites used to be very difficult when all you had were HTML and CSS. Not many people could really create a nice looking site because of how technical it was. And making it look good was even harder. There are still many ugly sites on the Internet today. However the technical barriers fell down when WordPress was introduced to the market.

WordPress is considered one of the best content management systems or CMS's on the market. It allows you to quickly make a site, blog or even a sales letter quickly. With so many developers and plugins using WordPress the sky is really the limit!

However Wordpress isn't the only CMS on the block, Joomla! is another easy to use platform. However there are not as many developers for Joomla! That is something to take in consideration when choosing a platform to work with.

Getting a website up and running is easy enough, but making it look good is the hard part. Having a good solid background in web design is important to making a site look great and be functional at the same time.

If the design part is something that you struggle with, then you can learn more about the art of web design by attending classes at your local college or even reading books at your local bookstore.

You may also consider hiring a professional if you really want your website to stand out. In addition to hiring a traditional designer, you can find freelancers on the Internet for relatively cheap. Many freelancing websites have designers that are looking for business at this very moment!

How much you pay will depend on a few different factors. One is how technical your website is, another is where it the web designer lives and finally how much content you want on the site.

One thing to consider also is how optimized your website will be for search engine optimization or SEO. Believe it or not, many web designers do not understand search engine optimization very well. And because of this, it can be hard for a website to rank for the terms that you want to be seen on Google for.

I mean what is the point of a beautiful website if nobody can see? That is precisely why good on page optimization is critical. So be sure to ask if your web designer understands search engine optimization and if he will incorporate good SEO practices into the web design.

As you can see, you don't need a PhD in web design to create a good-looking website. Because of the new and updated software on the market today you can have a great looking site up in mere hours. So go and create your site today!

The Importance Of A Good Website Header

When it comes to designing a website, you have a lot of choices to make. You have a lot of features to consider, navigation options to explore, and plenty of coding for functionality. One thing that is often overlooked or used a second thought is the header of the website. This is actually one of the most crucial aspects of your site since it informs viewers who you are, what you do, and what you stand for using text, images, or a combo of both. Take a look at what goes into making a good header for a website.

What exactly is a website header? A website header is basically your website's identity. It is located at the top of the page, either in the corners, in the middle, or taking up the entire top section. Consider it the "face" of your website.

The header needs to express to your viewers what it is that you do and what you stand for. It needs to express all of this quickly without requiring a lot of insight and deep thinking. If you are an animator, it should explain that to your viewers somehow, whether with your name/ company name and an image, or some creative typography with an "animated" feel to it. People that see your site need to know what it is that your site and you are about to determine if it's a website that they need or want to visit.

The heading needs to tie in with the rest of your website design. It should stand out as your header, but it shouldn't lack cohesion with the website as a whole. If you use a certain color palette, that header should also incorporate those colors. Your navigation may be under your header, so if the header looks out of place, your website looks sloppy, and you will appear unprofessional to a new viewer. You don't want that. Each piece should work together, while having extra emphasis where it is needed.

Like previously stated headers can incorporate all kinds of things. You can create a header that is just text. You can use one that is just images. You can create one that is just icons. You can even combine all of these elements into your header. The only way to figure out what will work best for you if for you to decide what will best help your audience understand what you are about. This is basic corporate identity. If you've had design training, then you know the importance of a logo or a brand. It is the same case with your header. In fact, if you have a logo or brand already, that needs to go into your header to let people know that this is your official site. You want to present yourself in a memorable fashion so that people will see you as a professional and keep coming back to you for information, products, and services that are relevant to them.

It's unmistakable how important a header is in a website. It is what any viewer that visits your site will see first. That is why it's so important to put up something that showcases what your about to make a great "first" impression.

Understanding How Search Engine Optimization Works

Everyone knows that in order to be successful in a web business, people have to be able to find your website. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but no one can find it, your website is not of any use to anyone. To increase the chances of your website being found when people search for information in your business industry, your website has to optimized. You might have heard about search engine optimization but not know quite how that applies to your business. This article will take some of the mystery out of SEO.

Search engines crawl over the content of websites every second of the day in order index content. They use a very complex formula against which they rank the relevance of websites to certain words. Each search engine provider has its own proprietary algorithm, so how your website ranks in one search engine may not be exactly the same as your rank in another search engine.

In your business industry, there are certain words that are commonly used. These are words that people type into a search engine if they want to find information in your industry. It is important that you incorporate these words into the content of your website, in order to optimize your site. Key places for these words are the headings of your paragraphs and the title tag in your web page's HTML code. You can also link these words to other website content is relevant to the topic, thus making the word into an anchor link.

Search engines crawlers can only index content that is text. If you have images, video files, and other non-text content, search engines will not be able to recognize them. However, there is a way to help the search engines "see" your image files. This is by putting in a description in the alt attribute of the image tag. Use good key words in this description, and your images can be a connection between your website and the search engines.

Your focus should be on high quality content. Although keywords play an important part in search engine optimization, it is not just a matter of how many times you use a keyword. In fact, frequency does not matter; how you use the words is more important. Your keywords must be used in context. If your keywords are found in a block of text that is totally irrelevant, your website may be penalized for keyword stuffing.

Keep an eye on your rank periodically. Make sure that the information that you have in your title and description tags in your web pages is what you want the world to see because this will make up your entry in search engine results. After you have implemented some changes for SEO, give it a few weeks to work through, and see if your site rank improves.Search engine optimization is a marketing skill that will get better as you use it more and more. When your find the right approach, your website will gain in site visitors.